Farmers Markets and putting myself back onto the Square.

Happy late July Everyone! I just recently returned from my local farmer’s market, and I can tell you the farmers market and the sound of crickets outside my window at night have been speaking to me. The ears of corn I bought today were a little small and the watermelon I purchased may be iffy but they are signs of things to come. We are approaching late summer harvest.

This is also the time of year when my flowerbeds start looking weakly and parched. It’s as if they are saying, “I can’t take this heat anymore!” Am I the only one who buys perennials on clearance that have bloomed and had their day in hopes that a mad dash to plant them in soil will lead to them coming back next year? It’s like gambling on flowers. I swear as I was loading these plants into the car a certain Abba song came into my head. Something along the lines of  “take a chance on me.”

I don’t know if there was a lot of  wisdom in purchasing these plants that were no longer in their prime. Hell, I am no longer in my prime. Maybe this is why these plants captured my attention. This is my first trial with this, and I confess, I am an amateur gardener. I don’t write about gardening to tell my readers how to do it. I just hope some reader out there will go, “this poor lady, she’s clueless. I better chime in with a gardening tip.”

I wrote a longer blog post before deciding to publish this one that went on a tangent. I am thankful that I did not hit that publish button. This is the compressed version:

I have been on a Joe Dispenza kick. I am trying to change my habits. I am trying to alter my routine to re-program my brain to experience joy and happiness, and hopefully change my physiology. Trust me, Dr. Dispenza can explain this so much better than I can.

So let’s get back to this concept of habits and the Farmer’s Market shall we? So one of the habits I have been trying to change is to stop being such an introverted recluse. I seriously thought about this when I attempted to make this a food and lifestyle blog. Do I really have a lifestyle? Yes I do, an introverted reclusive one.

Seriously, nobody wants to read about what lip shade I am wearing or what is in my bag. I’m just working on kicking bad habits right now. Two of the most troublesome for me have been negative self talk, and being paralyzed by the fear of failure. I’m also addicted to the news , and its been a real downer lately.

One way of trying to reboot some of the negativity that has been pulsating in my life, is that I’m making some headway with reconnecting with old friends again! It’s a good thing. I have decided I have had too many friends in my peripherals and Ive been focusing too much on some not-so-good apples at my epicenter. I’m trying to fix that. I’ve quit being dodgy and have taken up some invitations. I took one of my friends up on an offer to go ecstatic dancing, and now my world has been opened up to the farmers market community.

One of my girlfriends has recently launched a kickstarter campaign to get her zero waste, organic, bulk foods market to launch.  ( A little shout out to women entrepreneurs out there. Especially those who are single mothers). I’m enthusiastic about her campaign because Europe has been on board with this idea for quite some time, and now many of these markets are popping up all over the United States. My friend’s store is the first one I know of launching in Utah. I’m excited about this because let’s face it, Utah has an ever blooming population and we really need to start rethinking our habits as consumers.

I also get increasingly sad when I read about how plastics are expected to double in our oceans, and that garbage has even found its way into the Mariana Trench. Is there anyplace on this planet that has not been touched by our garbage anymore?

photography of spider web during sunrise
Photo by on

I went with my husband to “the dump” once and wanted to cry. The stench was terrible and I literally saw stuff lying all around that could have clearly been reused or recycled. I was so nauseated and gagging my husband told me I was useless for his mission and told me to get back in the truck. Note to self: next time wear a mask sprayed with peppermint spray or something.

I always knew the dump was out there, but seriously, everyone should take the trip out to their local garbage dump and actually SEE where all their trash goes. THERE IS NO AWAY.

This is another area where I will now drop a little snippet about changing my habits. I have been guilty of not thinking my purchases through and where all that plastic goes when I am done with it. I admit, I’ve eaten at places, then dumped my tray while thinking, “Seriously…all these plastic items for that ONE meal?”

I have curbside recycling and I’ve meticulously separated my trash, and I thought that was good enough. It turns out it’s not. A-lot of that “recycling” does not actually get recycled. There are some particularities with the types of plastic that can be recycled that I was not fully aware of. This article explains all of this very well.

I realize there is a hierarchy to plastics that I had been doing all wrong. I need to be thinking more about plastics at the time of purchase. Avoiding, reusing, and reducing are the primary steps I should be taking before recycling. So needless to say, this week I did a thorough examination and an overhaul of my pantry.

I combined items, I pulled mason jars out of my basement and washed them. I set my empty soap canisters, shampoo bottles, and syrup bottles aside so I could refill them. I made labels out of Christmas tags I already had. I went to some second hand stores and picked up a few more canisters. Let me tell you, my pantry was a MESS. I literally had stuff falling down on my head when I’d pull something out of it. It now looks so organized and neat I can hardly stand it. Yes, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing do go hand in hand.

bazaar bottles business ceramic
Photo by Kokil Sharma on

I also bought produce from local growers today and that felt good. I have now committed to working a booth at my local farmers market one day a week. Taking on one invitation from a friend I had been dodgy with has in a sense opened doors for me. It made me think Damn! How many other opportunities and areas for growth have I missed by saying no to something?

I would have missed the eggplant hummus, the fresh hot cinnamon and vanilla roasted cashews, or meeting the Pola-Ricans. (Newfound friends who fuse Puerto-Rican food with a polish pastry). I would have never discovered that cherry and beet honey is actually pretty good. I wouldn’t have any ideas brewing in my head about the many uses for Herbes de Provence. I tell you a strong  whiff of that stuff  in a jar brings me pure happiness.

Yes, Rachelle needed to get out more. I needed to change my habits. I like where this is going. I hope this post has inspired some other introvert out there to branch out a little more and switch some habits. There’s a t-shirt that reminds me so much of what I want to convey here, it goes along the lines of “Introverts Unite! Individually!” We’ve got this. There is that one small detail that can be troublesome for introverts. It has to do with being an empath. Perhaps we can mull over that one later. For now, I’m just going to lay this post right here.





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  1. This is a great post, and full of positive messages.
    In Australia, many of our garbage dumps have retail outlets attached to them where rescued salvageable items are sold very cheaply.
    There is also a business called Reverse Garbage which accepts things like jars, materials, building materials etc. not only do they retail these bits and pieces – they often hold crafting workshops to show people how to reuse and upcycled.


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