Notes on Writing, Cardamon Hand Scrubs, and Curly Hair

I’ve had one of those weeks where I’ve spent a lot of time on my computer typing continuously with a bag of Good Pop or half-finished mugs of coffee at my side. I’d wake up at three A.M and go, “must start writing,” or I’d be fighting sleep at midnight thinking, “must keep writing.” I am nearing the approach of the attainment of my bachelor’s degree. Three more eight week semesters to go!

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I’m taking an advanced non-fiction writing class right now and a history class. There are not many decisions I’ve made where I can say. “I know with absolute certainty that was the right decision.” However, changing the concentration of my major to non-fiction is something I was absolutely sure of when I did it. I have loved this journey.

I am working on a thirty page work of non-fiction right now, and I won’t lie, it’s been a little intense. Literally, sometimes my hands would shake with the subject matter. My husband knew I was in a “zone” and to let me be. Other times, he would come downstairs and say let’s go get something to eat so you can get away from your story for awhile.

I did take a break and go to a Bollywood event near me. I tell you I love Bollywood so much. I love the expressiveness of the dance, and the detailed hand movements. I like to do the step-clap and jump maneuvers as the music plays over the loud speakers. The food is always good, and the scent of spice is in the air.

My husband went with me and he was not feeling the love as much as I was. The heat was most intolerable due to more recent fire activity. I swear the fires intensify the green house effect and it really felt like being under an invisible dome like one would imagine in the Hunger Games. There was an orange hue to the sky, and it literally felt like an oven. The heat from the sun really intensified before slipping below the horizon. I keep seeing amazing sunset photos. Yes, wildfires make for exquisite sunsets. I’ll give them that, but I could still do without them. They put an odd vibe into the air.

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Last week, I did my weekly stint at the Farmer’s Market. We are nearing the end of my friend’s Zero Waste kickstarter campaign. Next week, the campaign will jump to it’s finale which will conclude with a live band in a warehouse with food trucks and sparkling incandescent lights. I’ve sampled the crab cakes and I am very excited. I am also jazzed  because our friend Amy is coming out from Florida. Amy is a world religion professor, yoga teacher, writer,  and chaplain. She just got an opportunity with a life wish she has had forever and will be presenting at an event with Ram Dass.

She is doing a mini workshop here that I will be attending and may blog about. I am also excited for my friend Jake because she has set up recycling at her place of business that will accept items of plastic that other places do not. It’s crazy to see how one can get so excited about a trash receptacle. Women supporting Women. It’s so incredibly awesome.

Me?  I’m still a student treading water here. I’m workshopping a piece that has been workshopped so many times but I’m liking the way it’s coming together. I won’t lie, I had been on a downer since the rise of Trump but getting involved on a local community and grassroots  level has been extremely therapeutic for me. So I thought I would just post a few pictures. These are pics from last weeks farmers market. I am considering being a hand model.


I’ve heard the word Ayurveda before but never really looked into it. I think when I am finished with school I may explore it further. This is me engaged in an Ayurveda hand scrub with miss Zooey here. The cardamon in the hand scrub is supposed to have cooling properties for those hot summer days. I don’t recall the heat bothering as much at last week’s farmers market.  Maybe that is because I was sharing  Falafel with Tahini sauces and salad with friends.

I have two new food obsessions. Salads with green olives and Tahini salad dressings. I have been experimenting with these. I really do eventually plan to get this blog more focused on food after I finish my final writing paper, and wrap up school. My daughter is also going to be done with her five years in the Marines at the beginning of September. Woo-Hoo! I want to do a reflective piece on that because it has been quite the journey. All things in good time.

She is currently living in Nashville and wrapping up her time there. A note about my daughter Mandaline: She has always had the most unruly wild hair. For the last five years she has had to slick it back in a militant sock bun. She is now embracing her curls and I think it is an expression of her new found freedom and confidence in herself which I love. She sent me this photo. I love it.



I also have a video that I will be posting with her permission. It’s a photo of her and a few other Marines doing Nepalese Dance in Nepal. I love the video because this occurred after a devastating earthquake. I was amazed people were still dancing. My daughter was in Nepal when the second earthquake hit. Scary. This was also her first time experiencing loss when six members of her team did not return home. This was the hardest part of the journey for sure. Nobody expects tragedy on a humanitarian mission. Also, disaster relief missions are not all they are cut out to be. You see A LOT. Too much. Yet they are also very necessary. It takes a strong person.

Anyway. This will accompany a future blog post. All in good time.


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