Rock Gardens, Links to Wolves, and thoughts on Lifestyle Blogging.

Hello Everyone. I am still in the thick of schoolwork. I’m working on a thirty page non-fiction piece and a history paper on the New York City Draft riots. If you are not familiar with  the The New York City Draft Riots I suggest checking into it. I knew little about them myself beyond watching The Gangs of New York. The Draft Riots are considered to be the second largest racially charged insurrection in America’s history beyond the Civil War. What troubling times. It has been an intense paper.

The non-fiction piece I am working on is a braided story that includes the Yellowstone region, grizzly bears, and ties in domestic violence. For additional reading, I have had to research other non-fiction writers who have also written about animals in the wild. I came across two amazingly intense articles about wolves that I am going to recommend here.

I warn you Killing Wolves Is rather graphic and troublesome. However, I believe both of these articles are excellent works of non-fiction.

Moving along, I had a reader comment that she was interested in my rock wall and my chickens. I did not post pictures of my rock wall earlier because it is in complete disarray and in need of some serious grooming. She also commented on my yellow roses. Here is a glimpse for you Jaybird. When I have cut my grass back, I hope to give you a better visual of the rock wall.



I am working on harnessing some photography skills. I also took this photo of my Pear tree that I forgot to post earlier, and I found this gem of a photo that I took on my street on what I will call one of my “morning walk-abouts.”



I suggest a good morning walk about to everyone. They are so invigorating and stimulating, and a great way to start your day. I have been contemplating this thing called “lifestyle blogging.” I always thought you had to be some type of fashionista or something to have a lifestyle blog but apparently it is essentially a blog about a person’s life, experiences, and everyday interests. I just wanted to hone in on this a little bit because likely I will be writing about it.

I lost a phone recently and it was just recovered.  I went through some pictures, and had a thought. Huh? If someone were to pick up my phone and go through my pics, what would they assess about my lifestyle? What would someone assess about your lifestyle if they got a hold of your phone? It definitely could provide some useful insight into developing a lifestyle blog. So here is a “glimpse” of what I recovered in my phone.

Lehi Rodeo Days

Okay, I am so glad this one was on there. I grew up in Lehi, Utah and let me tell you the “Lehi Round Up Days” were big. They were a huge part of my community dynamic growing up and this picture symbolizes my redneck roots. My uncle used to play drums for “Chris Ledoux” in the Saddle Boogie Band and my dad also played in two country western bands Silver Ransom and Dave’s Dirty Hat Band. These experiences with music and rodeo have shaped my desire to be a western woman writer and have given my a love for cowboy poetry. This pic brings back feelings of nostalgia for sure.


Ice Fishing at Fish Lake

Okay, last ones, because really I could go on and on. These are ice fishing pics. This is me trying to warm my face, and I’m going to let you in on a secret. I am self conscious about my nose. I don’t consider it to be my best feature. Seriously, I’d fare much better if I could dress like this on days I am feeling self-conscious about my nose. Also, my avatar picture is seven years old. This is more recent ( I felt I should be more honest here). These are two of my littles, my heart, and my loves, Tristan and Ember. I also have two grown up daughters whom I love, Mandaline and Kira. The mountains and Deserts of  Utah are my other loves. They are in our blood.

Anyway, these are representations of my “lifestyle” in case I did ever choose to do a lifestyle blog. (and perhaps I have and just don’t know it). I don’t have much to say about high-heeled shoes, luggage, or contouring your face. I respect those who do and I think high heels are pretty awesome if you can walk in them, and perhaps I should learn how to contour my nose. So if you are still with me, thank you for being here.


Zions National Park







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