New Years Uncut for the Adults and from the mouths of Babes.

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Hello everyone. I have been contemplating my blog and decided that I needed to throw in something a little more light hearted. I also felt like I’ve been throwing in more stock photos lately. I totally get that they have their place and that they can make a blog site seem more professional. To be honest, in these days of SEO and filters, I find homegrown photos and candid stories from everyday people to be refreshing and intriguing. The true stories of everyday bloggers uncut has really been of great interest to me.

Do not despair if you feel your blog is not “professional enough.” “Professional sometimes translates to “phony.” I’m not saying that professionalism must be abandoned entirely, but it can be overdone. So here it is people. If I request uncut, I am going to have to offer it as well.

I would love to say that my New Year’s Eve was spent in a glitzy location where I wore a white mini-cocktail dress whilst carrying a glass of champagne and donning a ridiculous party hat while carrying around an obnoxious noise-maker.

This is the truth people. I laid on the couch in my husband’s oversize shirt in front of the TV and fireplace and tried to stay awake until the ball dropped at midnight. I had one Vodka and Cranberry cocktail that almost did me in.  I took a selfie. I look inebriated (which I was not).  In my defense, my husband was not doing much better. This was us at about 20 minutes to midnight.



Okay, I had a funeral the week before, and grief is exhausting. We also thought it might be a great idea to tear the house apart at Christmas time for a remodel. The house was still feeling disheveled. I really must make it a goal to have something more exciting to offer readers next year.

One thing I am enthusiastic about is that my son had taped his new years resolutions to his bathroom mirror. I am very taken by the resolution that says, “Help my family more.” Now that is something to celebrate.


My older teens have made a joint resolution to quit fast fashion, which I will be blogging more about in the future. Then, I have the younger “smalls”  in the house. My daughter Ember and her friend Piper definitely kept the energy flow going. They had their pans and boots at the ready as if they were fire fighters who had to jump into them at the drop of midnight. Luckily when the ball dropped, their enthusiasm was contagious.

Post holiday, my step-daughter who conquered the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018, (Woo-HOO!) did some mountaineering with my husband so he could test out his new micro-spikes he got for Christmas. Check out that view. They even found fresh cougar tracks. It is my hope that we can get more micro-spiking and snow-shoeing in before spring.



As I write this, we are at below freezing temperatures. My son, my husband, and “a few of the guys”  are out ice-fishing. The temperatures here in Utah have been below freezing. I had the option to go, but I could sense my son’s disappointment as I was considering it.  My son absolutely loves to fish.  Apparently he really needed the guy time. The ladies have been in on many other trips.

This is January. The chill of it only has to be as foreboding as we allow it to be. Some view January as the letdown after Christmas. I say I am flipping that misguided notion it into reverse, and approaching January with a renewed sense of hope. January? Bring it!

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