The Super Bowl, Luscious Ladies, Joaquin, and Phoenix.

Hello everyone. I have a little bout of insomnia which will serve me well with writing, These last few weeks have been so muddled. Trump was acquitted by the U.S. Senate.  It is like we all knew the ending, but had no idea how the plot would unfold. It has been an exhausting few weeks... Continue Reading →

When 2020 Comes in Like a Lion

Greetings. I am going to try and offer up something substantial to the blogosphere in between brief episodes of telling my new puppy "not to chew on that." Which is already proving to be challenging because as I write this she is headed right for the computer cords. Aahhhhh! Catastrophe avoided. Okay, so last year... Continue Reading →

Christmas Puppy

Hello everyone. It is the day after Christmas and I am hanging in bed at six thirty in the morning with a tall glass of Emergen C at my bedside and half a mug of unfinished cider. I had a thought that occurred to me while I was showering yesterday. It went something like this,... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Masha

Hello Blogging Universe! Sometimes you feel so vast and sometimes you feel so small. I never know if I am talking into a tin can or a megaphone. I did read a fairly informative article about whether or not one should ever even start a blog.  Without getting into it, I apparently fall into the... Continue Reading →

That’s a Halloween Wrap

Greetings everyone. I have returned to wrap up my Halloween post even though it is now November 4th. Is anyone burned out yet? The timing on this is a little off because I am just realizing that the best time to post about Halloween costuming is while everyone is in the process of trying to... Continue Reading →

Halloween, The Morning After

Happy November 1st everybody! I saw a caption on a post this morning that went something like, "feels like November." Included in this caption, was a picture of a lone pine tree dusted with snow. I don't really know what that all meant. I've seen multiple pics today of what appears to be Christmas trees... Continue Reading →

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