Lowered Expectations

Hello friends. I don't know if there's anyone out there who remembers MADtv but they used to run a spoof dating segment called Lowered Expectations. In this segment, they would run ads for potential mates that were off the wall and downright hilarious. One of my favorites was a woman who said she liked to eat... Continue Reading →

Flowers in the Attic

Helloooo out there! I was recently reprimanded by my daughter because my blog had expired. Whoa! Huge oversight. Where the hell have I been? I can only say that my draw to writing has been so incredulous throughout my entire life that I can never stay away from writing too long and I am ensnared... Continue Reading →

When 2020 Comes in Like a Lion

Greetings. I am going to try and offer up something substantial to the blogosphere in between brief episodes of telling my new puppy "not to chew on that." Which is already proving to be challenging because as I write this she is headed right for the computer cords. Aahhhhh! Catastrophe avoided. Okay, so last year... Continue Reading →

Christmas Puppy

Hello everyone. It is the day after Christmas and I am hanging in bed at six thirty in the morning with a tall glass of Emergen C at my bedside and half a mug of unfinished cider. I had a thought that occurred to me while I was showering yesterday. It went something like this,... Continue Reading →

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