Rising above the Smog

Hello everyone. My daughter had a question for me yesterday. It was, "When are you going to do another blog post mom?" Now that is love, when your daughter is following your blog. Do you know what else is love? When a dog gives genuine human-like hugs. I'm so proud to share that my daughter's... Continue Reading →

So this was Christmas;

Hello everyone. If you have been reading my blog than you will get that I wore my heart on my sleeve on the last one. I lost a family member on December 19th and I am not afraid to say the cause...which was suicide...deep exhale...I said it. With a blog post like that I did... Continue Reading →

Zero Waste Challenges

Hello everyone. I just recently got done watching a video called, "Please Stop Recycling"   It was a good trigger for me because I have been mulling over this entire Zero Waste concept over the holidays. I have never been so disgusted by the amount of garbage in my bin as I am over the holidays. There... Continue Reading →

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