So this was Christmas;

Hello everyone. If you have been reading my blog than you will get that I wore my heart on my sleeve on the last one. I lost a family member on December 19th and I am not afraid to say the cause...which was suicide...deep exhale...I said it. With a blog post like that I did... Continue Reading →

Zero Waste Challenges

Hello everyone. I just recently got done watching a video called, "Please Stop Recycling"   It was a good trigger for me because I have been mulling over this entire Zero Waste concept over the holidays. I have never been so disgusted by the amount of garbage in my bin as I am over the holidays. There... Continue Reading →

Halloween Reel. Another one for the Archives.

This is it. This is thee grand 'ole Halloween I've been talking about for months. Was it everything I imagined? It was a nice distraction from the election hullaballoo. Last week was a toughie for the Unites States. Pipe bombs, Pittsburgh, Kentucky...there's an immigrant caravan that's roused up the hornets nest. Then...there's all that additional... Continue Reading →

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