The Spectrum

focus photo of camera lens
Photo by Omar Houchaimi on

“If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism,”

-Dr. Stephen Shore.

If there is one thing I have learned from having two children who have been classified as being on the spectrum, it is that neither of my children like it. They don’t like broad generalizations that define their characteristics or to be put put in a lump sum with others to define who they are. They are individuals. They are not at all like each other, and they are not the same as others on the spectrum.  Therefore I will not be talking about what they are, because just like everyone else, they are many things.

What I do want, is to provide a look through their lens, and how they perceive the world. For Kira, I mean this in the literal sense. Many of my posts will feature her photography, so I wanted to introduce her here. This is a glimpse, and this is what Kira is to many of us. She’s a glimpse into someone we would all like to know fully and completely, but there are just so many things about her that we may never know, this is the enigma that is Kira.



Tristan is all about the ink and paper. What a cruel trick it is when you want nothing more than to be an artist and animator but your fine motor skills get in the way. The perseverance and self-discipline of this child never ceases to amaze me. The imagination is all there. He spends hours sketching. So much time and thought go into each and every one of his characters. To some, his drawings may be child’s play, to Tristan they are his life’s work. I am a huge fan of his art. The world may have their own perceptions. I will feature his art on my blog from time to time. I hope those who see it may come to cherish it the way I do.





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