Christmas Puppy

Hello everyone. It is the day after Christmas and I am hanging in bed at six thirty in the morning with a tall glass of Emergen C at my bedside and half a mug of unfinished cider. I had a thought that occurred to me while I was showering yesterday. It went something like this,... Continue Reading →

Choosing Confetti over Dramatic and Moody.

Hello everyone. Apparently I just broke a blogging rule right off the bat. Beware of "catchy" sharp witted titles. Like... read my title again. What the hell does all of that mean? I'll tell you what it means. There are no key words in my title that would warrant a search by an individual looking... Continue Reading →

So this was Christmas;

Hello everyone. If you have been reading my blog than you will get that I wore my heart on my sleeve on the last one. I lost a family member on December 19th and I am not afraid to say the cause...which was suicide...deep exhale...I said it. With a blog post like that I did... Continue Reading →

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