Going from Scrambled to Meticulously Plated.

Hello Blogging Universe. It has been awhile. The best that I can say is that laying off the Blog and social media for awhile has been wrought with a series of happenstance. I've been doing self care and reflection and life can throw those curves. Nothing you didn't already know. If you are at all... Continue Reading →

Passing the Flame for the Final Stretch

Hello blogosphere. So back to school has arrived in my neck of the woods. I just want to commend any parent out there who had to endure any agonizing process to determine which was the best course of action to pursue for their child or themselves with education. We may not have all landed in... Continue Reading →

Canary in a Coal Mine

Hello out there! It has been a while. I'm feeling invigorated today because I've spent the last four days on top of a mountain away from technology and cell service which always allows my mind to hang onto a little more clarity. It's always good to write while I have a clear head so I... Continue Reading →

Christmas Puppy

Hello everyone. It is the day after Christmas and I am hanging in bed at six thirty in the morning with a tall glass of Emergen C at my bedside and half a mug of unfinished cider. I had a thought that occurred to me while I was showering yesterday. It went something like this,... Continue Reading →

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