My name is Rachelle Whiting. I live in the suburbs of Salt Lake County, Utah. I am a creative writing major emphasizing in non-fiction. I initially started college as a theatre major in a small mining community that was rich in indigenous history and cultural heritage. It was here that I embraced the outdoors, diversity, and women’s literature. My experience in theatre has influenced many of my design projects. I enjoy cooking, costuming, and folkloric dance. My dream is to turn my weed patch into a garden, and to seek the wonders of the world and its various humanities. I am blessed to be a mother to three daughters and one son. We have one thing in common.
We Love the Beatles.

Why the Obstinate Fig?


Why the fig? Figs have a fascinating history that may go back as early as 5000 B.C. The Romans consumed them. The prophet Muhammed envisioned them in paradise. Biblical Abigail baked them in cakes and carried them across the desert to encourage peace. A man was revived after eating them. Jesus and his disciples were enthralled by the site of them only to feel discouraged by their deception. Jesus cursed them.

Why not the fig? Some historians believe that figs were the first domesticated crop. This is my first domestic blog. This blog represents my inner quest for what may be the elusive unobtainable, or paradise sought. This may be a spiritual blog. This may be a food and lifestyle blog. This blog will be whatever it wants to be, but it does have an origin, and for some reason it is deeply rooted in the fig. So here is hoping for prosperity, peace, satiety, and revival! Our journey begins!





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