Another Great Day in the Simulation

Hello Everyone. I am really excited to share this post with you. I feel I should get something out on the table right now because it has not come up in previous blog posts. I have had an ongoing love affair with Wyoming. It is a multi-generational thing really. My great-grandmother grew up in Cache... Continue Reading →

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The Year of the Cat

I have an unusual taste in music that spans multiple genres. Recently I have been liking one particular song. It just seems so "hipster" and who doesn't like songs about incense and cats? The song is like a poem really. It is called The year of the Cat by Al Stewart. I don't know why this song... Continue Reading →

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Making Peace with Bears Ears

The mind is a crazy thing. You never know what it will wrap itself around. This week my husband, my two children and I all loaded into my husband's extended cab truck. We were hauling our sheep camp that had a bicycle strapped to the back, and a four wheeler strapped to the front. We... Continue Reading →

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