Fare thee well Roxanne

Hello my fellow bloggers and friends. Deep exhale...midterms are behind us. If any of you have been following my blog you know that I have had Halloween on the brain and I've been anxious over midterms. Here is the sad part. If you have also been following, you might have caught that my dog has... Continue Reading →

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Halloween Reel. Another one for the Archives.

This is it. This is thee grand 'ole Halloween I've been talking about for months. Was it everything I imagined? It was a nice distraction from the election hullaballoo. Last week was a toughie for the Unites States. Pipe bombs, Pittsburgh, Kentucky...there's an immigrant caravan that's roused up the hornets nest. Then...there's all that additional... Continue Reading →

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Favorite Halloween Lighting Trends

The time has come and Halloween season is upon us! I have only been antsy about this since I went to a theme park in June. This is the time when me and my people come out of the woodwork! You know who you are! Theatrical people, hidden goths, cosplayers, rockabillies, Halloween moms, carnies, re-enactors,... Continue Reading →

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Another Great Day in the Simulation

Hello Everyone. I am really excited to share this post with you. I feel I should get something out on the table right now because it has not come up in previous blog posts. I have had an ongoing love affair with Wyoming. It is a multi-generational thing really. My great-grandmother grew up in Cache... Continue Reading →

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Making Peace with Bears Ears

The mind is a crazy thing. You never know what it will wrap itself around. This week my husband, my two children and I all loaded into my husband's extended cab truck. We were hauling our sheep camp that had a bicycle strapped to the back, and a four wheeler strapped to the front. We... Continue Reading →

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