Thoughts on eco -consciousness, impending war, and feeling rattled as F.

Hello everyone. What an emotionally rattling week this has been. First of all, I am going to discuss the writing gig. As a writer, is is important to know where your audience is. I remember having to respond to the following prompt: "Who is your audience?" What ensued was a whole compilation of word vomit... Continue Reading →

Tales of a Selfie.

Hello everyone. Today started out like any other day...but continued onward to how many of my days have been going. Which leaves me with the same dumbfounded question, "What the F Rachelle?" I don't know how many of you have asked yourself this question, but it's one I've been coming back to repeatedly like a... Continue Reading →

Rabbit Holes and Distraction Techniques

Hello Everyone. Welcome to my forty-year-old autistic brain. Okay, maybe that is a stretch. I may or may not be on the autistic spectrum. Two of my children have been classified as being on the autistic spectrum. I've definitely got some adult ADD going on, and it's highly probable I am on there. My husband... Continue Reading →

Rising above the Smog

Hello everyone. My daughter had a question for me yesterday. It was, "When are you going to do another blog post mom?" Now that is love, when your daughter is following your blog. Do you know what else is love? When a dog gives genuine human-like hugs. I'm so proud to share that my daughter's... Continue Reading →

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