Wild America, Bears Ears, and Ghostly howls in the Night

Well I've washed the dust out of my hair, shaved my legs, touched up my nails, and I'm wearing cosmetics again. Less than a week ago, I was sporting cover-alls, wearing clear goggles, and I had hat-hair. After I had my first non-solar shower, I thought to myself, "I'm actually feeling human again," but than... Continue Reading →

Making Peace with Bears Ears

The mind is a crazy thing. You never know what it will wrap itself around. This week my husband, my two children and I all loaded into my husband's extended cab truck. We were hauling our sheep camp that had a bicycle strapped to the back, and a four wheeler strapped to the front. We... Continue Reading →

Salt, Clay, Cake, and Bears Ears

  I hope this post finds its way to you because I have put it on a timer.  I am headed for Wild America! This is my husband's name for the Abajo Mountains. The locals call them "The Blues." In mainstream America, you may know them as part of the original proposal for Bears Ears.... Continue Reading →

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