Cross fit Karens, and Oily Bitches

So, today I thought I would follow up on my last post about dropping off by checking in lol. No, but seriously, my goal was to stay off of polarizing and toxic social media outlets. Thankfully this has not been one of them. I just want to say I fell off the wagon Sunday. I... Continue Reading →

Passing the Flame for the Final Stretch

Hello blogosphere. So back to school has arrived in my neck of the woods. I just want to commend any parent out there who had to endure any agonizing process to determine which was the best course of action to pursue for their child or themselves with education. We may not have all landed in... Continue Reading →

Love Beads and Meditation

Hello internet world. I had no idea that today was going to be a writing day but apparently it is. The voice calls. I've started a few blog posts and they have been left undone. So here is what you may have missed. ¬†Another blog post that pertains to Black Lives Matter, and a post... Continue Reading →

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