The Embers

Hello everyone and anyone. I’m getting lost in October in the thick of the Embers: September, November and December. Why is there no Octember? I’m calling it! This blog post may be deemed Octember as a commemorative fusion of this month to the last. I also want to give a shout out to that dastardly... Continue Reading →

THIS or THAT and Imposter Pumpkins

Dear Readers, It has been a day. Hottest recorded temperatures in history in Salt Lake City. 107 Degrees. September is not feeling like September. Supposedly six planets are retrograding or about to retrograde. I don’t know how I feel about any of it but every time I feel a funk it seems I read somewhere... Continue Reading →


Today I went through the strangest thought loop and it went like this: “Who is Hecate?” It just seems I have seen that name tossed around even though I can’t exactly recall the source of it. Perhaps I saw it written on some witchy merchandise in places where hand dipped candles, crystals, or sheets of... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Stranger Things.

Photo by Pixabay on Hello Blogging Universe. It’s so lovely to have all this white space to look at as I type line upon line. Every empty screen coming to life. I have been watching Stranger Things for days I tell you, DAYS. I should have had more restraint but I don’t. I finally... Continue Reading →


Greetings blogosphere. July has come and gone and found me in two places. I spent some 4th of July time in Wyoming among the Poppies and crows, and earlier this week, I spent some time on top of Monroe Mountain in Utah. The peculiar thing about both trips is I had a close encounter with... Continue Reading →

Our Last Summer

Well I did it people. I dropped my child off at her high school on the day after yet another mass shooting. I felt numb at the drop off and struck by the emptiness of a parking lot where cars were scant. Let’s not kid ourselves, it was the last week of school and I... Continue Reading →

Releasing Blockages

There is a lot of who-ha going around about "energy flow" and "blockages." I don't know what the H is going on with my root, throat chakra, or third eye. Am I living in the 3D, 4D, or the 5th state of consciousness? I don't know the ins and outs of Mercury retrograde or how... Continue Reading →

Ghosts in the Graveyard

When I was a young scrap of a girl growing up in a trailer park with skinned knees, Kool-Aide stains on my face, and thinking I had the world on an oyster because I could do side kicks on a BMX bike- me and my other ruffian Huffy and BMX biker gang used to drop... Continue Reading →

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