Relief, Purpose, and Riding through the Storm.

Greetings to any reader who has landed on this post, and has decided to stay a spell. I realize that when I published my last post, I was doing Pfizer one. This time I am doing Pfizer two. I got myself the second jab yesterday. Perhaps I should get jabbed more often if it encourages... Continue Reading →

A Plastic Spoon, Hamilton, and thoughts on the Unimaginable.

I decided it was high time I give the blog a little bit of love today. I'm coming down off of Pfizer and so far so good. I had mild needle point tenderness that later radiated into what felt like too much lactic acid from an arm workout. I can't quite describe the fatigue. It... Continue Reading →

Flying Monkeys and Golden Nuggets

Hello out there. I have been engaged in a tremendous amount of slackery lately. Let's just say that after Xmas, the New year, the Capitol insurrection, and Biden's inauguration my entire mood could be encompassed in a Bee Gees song. You know the one that goes, "I started a joke, which started the whole world... Continue Reading →

Love Beads and Meditation

Hello internet world. I had no idea that today was going to be a writing day but apparently it is. The voice calls. I've started a few blog posts and they have been left undone. So here is what you may have missed. ¬†Another blog post that pertains to Black Lives Matter, and a post... Continue Reading →

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