Thoughts on Media Bias, Flooding the Zone and Where to go From Here.

Hello out there. I just wanted to commend any readership I have out there. I did not receive any negative blowback from my last post about racism. Quite frankly, it would be good riddance if I did.  Generally, I don't watch followers. It's typical to have a few drop off here and there, and maybe... Continue Reading →

Learning and Unlearning, and Thoughts on Black Out Tuesday.

Hello everyone. It is with heavy heart that I climb back onto the blog here and try to make sense of all the noise. I am tired and weary and I know there are people out there who would respond with " You are tired? Imagine how we feel? We are exhausted!" Rightfully so, their... Continue Reading →

Rolling with It

A friend of mine posted something on social media the other day, and like everyone else in these crazy times, we're all a little triggered lately and seem to have a strong awareness of our own individual pet peeves. My top three are:  1). the sound of chewing 2). When people change out batteries or... Continue Reading →

Lowered Expectations

Hello friends. I don't know if there's anyone out there who remembers MADtv but they used to run a spoof dating segment called Lowered Expectations. In this segment, they would run ads for potential mates that were off the wall and downright hilarious. One of my favorites was a woman who said she liked to eat... Continue Reading →

Flowers in the Attic

Helloooo out there! I was recently reprimanded by my daughter because my blog had expired. Whoa! Huge oversight. Where the hell have I been? I can only say that my draw to writing has been so incredulous throughout my entire life that I can never stay away from writing too long and I am ensnared... Continue Reading →

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